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Divx player to view it, so if prompted please allow the plugin to load.


The idea of being able to re-live your wedding in full colour and sound when you want is an exciting one. Ask for details of our Digital Broadcast quality, video service. Making a wedding video is an art. Taking chances on your special day, when the 'family videographer' may have imbibed a little more than usual, can spoil the effect; half the bride's head missing can cause great disappointment. Make sure of the results for the future with our experienced videography. We use Canon XL2 Broadcast Quality 3 CCD Digital cameras with Hi-fi digital stereo sound to make the master. Your video is then digitally edited to ensure no quality is lost, music of your choice added, with our DVD recorded directly from the computer. A digital master is made for any future copies you require.

A two camera shoot option is also available, please ask.