Your publicity requires more than just a snapshot, modern digital cameras are capable of high quality but just as with film good photographs require the skill and eye of a trained photographer. As a member of the Master Photographers Association with more than 20 years experience in Commercial photography we have the necessary skills to create the images you need to give your business and products the edge over the competition.

From high quality product photographs where any unwanted shine and reflections have been removed and corporate colours are faithfully captured, to complex settings or computer montages to show your company at its very best you need look no further then Dutton House Studio.

Your company may be considering a promotional video. here to we have a number of years experience in this field. Now using Canon 16:9 format broadcast quality cameras. We can storyboard and film your project to meat your individual requirements. Digitally edited with any narration and graphics you need this is then mastered and output to DVD ready for your trade show, staff training or as a video brochure to give your valued customers.

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