Image Restoration



We offer a comprehensive photographic restoration service. You may think that old picture of Granddad from 1912 to be beyond help, but even the most creased and faded photograph can usually be fixed. Where a print has faded and yellowed with age we can restore your black and white photographs contrast and if a colour print we can often bring back the colour saturation and remove unwanted colour casts.
All copy prints are then printed back to real photographic paper.
Each job is looked at individually and we will advise you of the cost depending on how much work is to be done.






Photographing paintings is not as straightforward as may at first appear. Colour balance and lighting are critical if the reproduction is to be a faithful copy of the original. The picture may be behind glass, which cannot be removed, requiring special care to avoid any reflection of the camera and copy room. All the photographs are then carefully colour matched to the original, ready for output to disc or prints as required.
Other works of art can also be photographed. Sculptures will need particular care in lighting for detail and angle, to show the piece to best advantage.
We will be happy to discus your work with you and how we can produce photographs that will show your work in a way that you feel captures the piece properly.




To complement our high quality Commercial photography services we offer a full design and print service. We can design and typeset your brochure, poster or other publicity material, either following your exacting brief or just working from a basic outline. All work is then in digital form ready to go to print. Depending on the job we will find the best printers for you or you can have the finished artwork on disk to send to your own printers.


Passport Photographs

When we photograph someone for Passport, Visa or Identity purposes we use the same quality lighting, the same camera that we use for our high quality portraits. You picture is kept on file, so if you require another picture for any other purpose we can produce extra copies for you. Our passports are taken digitally to UK and overseas specification, so USA or Canadian passports present no problems. Where required your prints can be ready within a few minuets of taking the photograph.